Welcome to Keithbike customization service. Here is where your find each Keithbike is a beauty of art and one of a kind. Through Pinteresst, you'll find our current customized bike for reference, clicking each photo to view or collect to your Pinterest account or simply click the "See on Pinterest" button below to check out our very own Keithbike Boards.

Welcome to the Keithbike’s new customization service. Here is where your creativity of a personalized Keithbike becomes a reality. Embrace to be the center of attention as you accelerate down the road on your favorite Keithbike.

  1. Our online service form enables a user-friendly process to customize bike color elements and pattern style.
  2. Customers may also download a sketch plan for each series to provide us with your own favorite design.
  3. Once customization form is received, a specialist will be in touch with you to provide you a personalized service to better understand and fulfill your needs. According your budget, the paint coating and painting detail will be fully customized to ensure your design is flawlessly presented.
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Q. How much does customization cost?
A: Cost of building your customized bike is calculated according to size, dimensions, and model type. A specialist will be in direct contact with you to provide you a formal quotation.
Q. How long does it take to complete my bike?
A: Keith bike strives to provide personalized services, where tinniest details are tailored to your needs. Do expect a well-crafted piece of art to take the necessary time that it requires to be made.
Q. Why is payment required upfront?
A: To better confirm customer’s intent to purchase a customized bike, after the design is received and confirm with client, 100% payment is required to commence building your favorite bike.

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4.Color Selection

Choose from the following color table to locate your desired color, Color references can be found on our website’s Frames Introduction, to identify your favorite color. Also checkout our to watch other projects for references. We welcome you to provide us with your own color simply by providing us a sample photo or color ticket.

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Customer service: sales@keithbike.com


In 1998, he began painting for his fellow cycling friend, setting off a wave of customized painting in Taiwan. In 2000, Keith Bike was established to collaborate with over 20 bicycle brands in Europe and America in coating paint design and OEMs. In 2005, Kuo Shi went from doing OEM to launching his own brand, Keith Bikes.

Through his skillful drawing and painting, he manifested his own bike enterprise in a 50 Ping industrial warehouse. He followed his passion to fulfill his dream to success, and halt his image as an OEM supplier. He went from designing his own bike parts, to developing a brand of his own for very facet of the bike business. Kuo Shi’s bike painting workshop is the only bike company in Hualien.


A skilled craftsman since childhood, Kuo Shi developed expertise in spray painting static models that led to his artistry extending to painting cars, motorcycles, and yachts. His professionalism encompasses knowledge in coating, coloring, and cover ratios. He later became addicted to bike riding, devoting 100% his skills for bicycles. He begin designing and offering a total solution in bicycle painting for mountain, triathlon, and sports bikes. He knowledge extends to expertise in the bike structure and ergonomics.

Most assemble bike on the current market rely on solely on mass production, with little option over it’s color options. Very few can be characterized as personal style. To Kuo Shi, mastering painting bikes through his very own hand is what satisfies him. Every bike is regarded as a limited edition that fully expresses unique personal style toward creativity and branding.


An exceptional bike not only provide a sharp appearance, safety and performance are the most important factor. The T-800 HM carbon fiber delivers amazing performance in rigidity, density, and temperature tolerance compared to other specifications. At Keithbike Workshop, all carbon fiber series are produced with Toray Japan’s T-800 HM carbon fiber material.

Keith Bike International has been busy researching and developing an innovative new frame using T-800 HM carbon fiber, by integrating helicopter rotor blade design concept. By changing the frame down tube shape from 60 degree angle to 120 degree bilaterally towards the head tube, it creates multitude of air drag variation, reduce air drag on rider’s legs, and consequently increases riding speed.


KEITHBIKE customized bike can provide bike owner with its unique signature that can be permanently imprinted on the frame. The bike will be one of kind irreplaceable with anything else.