Designed by KeithBike International chief of design Kuo Shi Lu, the M29 version of the Monster hard tail mountain bike series represents our first foray into the world of large wheel mountain biking. We have taken time here to study ongoing development trends in the 29" arena, which translated into this new design, has enabled KeithBike International to come up with an extremely light, torsionally rigid and very tough frame that fits exactly into the performance envelope, but can easily go a long way outside it.

Using a state of the art composite frame, constructed from strategically located multiple layers of UD and 300K Ultra High Modulus T800 HM CARBON, and using the latest smooth wall molding technology, the eye catching yet power efficient. Monster M29 was conceived by a specially in-house developed design and CAD/CAM modeling technique.


We at KeithBike International call this new approach "Humaneering" - the synergistic amalgamation of human riding requirements under all conditions, seamlessly blended with pure cycle engineering science. The outcome of this technology "marriage" is a highly optimized design that utilizes unique frame cross sections, geometries and aspect ratios that not only address the riding environments; but also can be closely tuned to the rider in equal and complimentary proportions.


A Big Grin generator, happy on road, and off road, voraciously gobbling up dirt tracks and mountain screes, the all new KeithBike International Monster M.29 "Juggernaut" is an ultra-light, highly capable and responsive thoroughbred that is as tough as nails and will ride roughshod over anything you can throw at it.